lc(1) - Mono License Compiler
--complist=filename, -c filename
       This option is used to specify the  input  file,  the  licenses.licx  file  to  create  a  license
       reesource  for. This option is required. The license compiler will read each line in this file and
       try to load the types specified on that line.
--target=assemblyname, -t targetassembly
       full assembly name with file extension for the target assembly. The license compiler uses this  as
       a  key when compiling the licenses. It has to match the assembly the resource will be embedded in.
       This option is required.
--load=reference, -i reference
       Assembly reference to load before  trying  to  compile  a  license.  This  option  is  needed  for
       assemblies  where  the  references are not in the gac. Compilers should pass all references to the
       license compiler.
--verbose,, -v
       Gives more verbose output about the license compiling process.
--help, -h
       Displays usage instructions.
--outdir=path, -o path
       Target path file the licenses resource. By default the license compiler emits the resource in  the
       current  directory.  The  filename  will  always match the target assembly passed to --target with
       .licenses added.
       Do not emit the "Mono License Compiler" logo  on stdout while compilng.