plan9-ls(1) - list contents of directory
-d     If argument is a directory, list it, not its contents.
-l     List  in  long  format,  giving  mode (see below), file system type (e.g., for devices, the # code
       letter that names it; see intro(3)), the instance or  subdevice  number,  owner,  group,  size  in
       bytes, and time of last modification for each file.
-m     List the name of the user who most recently modified the file.
-n     Don't sort the listing.
-p     Print only the final path element of each file name.
-q     List  the  qid  (see stat(3)) of each file; the printed fields are in the order path, version, and
-r     Reverse the order of sort.
-s     Give size in Kbytes for each entry.
-t     Sort by time modified (latest first) instead of by name.
-u     Under -t sort by time of last access; under -l print time of last access.
-F     Add the character / after all directory names and the character * after all executable files.
-L     Print the character t before each file if it has the temporary flag set, and - otherwise.
-Q     By default, printed file names are quoted if they contain characters special  to  rc(1).   The  -Q
       flag disables this behavior.