nm(1posix) - write the name list of an object file (DEVELOPMENT)
-A     Write the full pathname or library name of an object on each line.
-e     Write only external (global) and static symbol information.
-f     Produce full output. Write redundant symbols ( .text, .data, and .bss), normally suppressed.
-g     Write only external (global) symbol information.
-o     Write numeric values in octal (equivalent to -t o).
-P     Write information in a portable output format, as specified in the STDOUT section.
-t  format
       Write  each  numeric  value  in  the specified format. The format shall be dependent on the single
       character used as the format option-argument:

       The offset is written in decimal    (default).

       The offset is written in octal.

       The offset is written in hexadecimal.
-u     Write only undefined symbols.
-v     Sort output by value instead of alphabetically.
-x     Write numeric values in hexadecimal (equivalent to -t x).