sudo(8) service(8) apache2 restart
execute a command as another user
run a System V init script

The SCRIPT parameter specifies a System V init script, located in /etc/init.d/SCRIPT, or the name  of  an
upstart  job  in  /etc/init.  The existence of an upstart job of the same name as a script in /etc/init.d
will cause the upstart job to take precedence over the init.d script.  The supported  values  of  COMMAND
depend  on  the  invoked  script,  service  passes COMMAND and OPTIONS to the init script unmodified. For
upstart jobs, start, stop, status, are passed through to their upstart equivilents. Restart will call the
upstart  'stop'  for  the job, followed immediately by the 'start', and will exit with the return code of
the start command.  All scripts should support at least the start and stop commands.  As a special  case,
if  COMMAND  is --full-restart, the script is run twice, first with the stop command, then with the start
command. This option has no effect on upstart jobs.
source manpages: sudoservice