nmap(1) -sC -sV -oA paper paper.htb
Network exploration tool and security / port scanner
-sC .
    Performs a script scan using the default set of scripts. It is equivalent to --script=default. Some
    of the scripts in this category are considered intrusive and should not be run against a target
    network without permission.
-sV (Version detection) .
    Enables version detection, as discussed above. Alternatively, you can use -A, which enables version
    detection among other things.
-oA basename (Output to all formats) .
    As a convenience, you may specify -oA basename to store scan results in normal, XML, and grepable
    formats at once. They are stored in basename.nmap, basename.xml, and basename.gnmap, respectively. As
    with most programs, you can prefix the filenames with a directory path, such as ~/nmaplogs/foocorp/
    on Unix or c:\hacking\sco on Windows.
nmap [Scan Type...] [Options] {target specification}
source manpages: nmap