ldapadd(1) -x -H ldap://localhost -D "cn=admin,dc=response,dc=htb" -w 0xdf0xdf -f users.ldif
LDAP modify entry and LDAP add entry tools
-x     Use simple authentication instead of SASL.
-H ldapuri
       Specify URI(s) referring to the ldap server(s); only the protocol/host/port fields are allowed;  a
       list of URI, separated by whitespace or commas is expected.
-D binddn
       Use the Distinguished Name binddn to bind to the LDAP directory.  For SASL binds,  the  server  is
       expected to ignore this value.
-w passwd
       Use passwd as the password for simple authentication.
-f file
       Read the entry modification information from file instead of from standard input.
source manpages: ldapadd