find(1) ~/Projects -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d
search for files in a directory hierarchy
find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-D debugopts] [-Olevel] [path...] [expression]
-mindepth levels
       Do not apply any tests or actions at levels less than levels (a non-negative integer).   -mindepth
       1 means process all files except the command line arguments.
-maxdepth levels
       Descend  at  most  levels  (a  non-negative  integer) levels of directories below the command line
       arguments.  -maxdepth 0
        means only apply the tests and actions to the command line arguments.
-type c
       File is of type c:

       b      block (buffered) special

       c      character (unbuffered) special

       d      directory

       p      named pipe (FIFO)

       f      regular file

       l      symbolic link; this is never true if the -L option or the  -follow  option  is  in  effect,
              unless the symbolic link is broken.  If you want to search for symbolic links when -L is in
              effect, use -xtype.

       s      socket

       D      door (Solaris)
source manpages: find