badblocks(8) -wsv /dev/sdX
search a device for bad blocks
-w     Use  write-mode  test.  With  this option, badblocks scans for bad blocks by writing some patterns
       (0xaa, 0x55, 0xff, 0x00) on every block of the device,  reading  every  block  and  comparing  the
       contents.  This option may not be combined with the -n option, as they are mutually exclusive.
-s     Show  the progress of the scan by writing out rough percentage completion of the current badblocks
       pass over the disk.  Note that badblocks may do multiple test passes over the disk, in  particular
       if the -p or -w option is requested by the user.
-v     Verbose mode.  Will write the number of read errors, write errors and data- corruptions to stderr.
source manpages: badblocks