plan9-grep(1) - search a file for a pattern
-c     Print only a count of matching lines.
-h     Do not print file name tags (headers) with output lines.
-e     The following argument is taken as a pattern.  This option makes it easy to specify patterns  that
       might confuse argument parsing, such as -n.
-i     Ignore  alphabetic case distinctions.  The implementation folds into lower case all letters in the
       pattern and input before interpretation.  Matched lines are printed in their original form.
-l     (ell) Print the names of files with selected lines; don't print the lines.
-L     Print the names of files with no selected lines; the converse of -l.
-n     Mark each printed line with its line number counted in its file.
-s     Produce no output, but return status.
-v     Reverse: print lines that do not match the pattern.
-f     The pattern argument is the name of a file containing regular expressions one per line.
-b     Don't buffer the output: write each output line as soon as it is discovered.