lbunzip2(1) - parallel bzip2 utility
       Set  the number of (de)compressor threads to WTHRS.  If this option is not specified, lbzip2 tries
       to query the system for the number of online processors (if both the compilation  environment  and
       the  execution  environment support that), or exits with an error (if it's unable to determine the
       number of processors online).
-k, --keep
       Don't remove FILE operands after successful (de)compression. Open regular input  files  with  more
       than one link.
-c, --stdout
       Write output to standard output, even when FILE operands are present. Implies -k and excludes -t.
-t, --test
       Test  decompression;  discard output instead of writing it to files or standard output. Implies -k
       and excludes -c.  Roughly equivalent to passing -c and redirecting  standard  output  to  the  bit
-d, --decompress
       Force decompression over the mode of operation selected by the invocation name.
-z, --compress
       Force compression over the mode of operation selected by the invocation name.
-1 .. -9
       Set the compression block size to 100K .. 900K, in 100K increments.  Ignored during decompression.
       See also the BLOCK SIZE section below.
--fast Alias for -1.
--best Alias for -9.  This is the default.
-f, --force
       Open non-regular input files. Open input files with more than one link,  breaking  links  when  -k
       isn't  specified in addition. Try to remove each output file before opening it.  By default lbzip2
       will not overwrite existing files; if you want this to happen, you should specify -f.
-v, --verbose
       Be more verbose. Print more detailed information about (de)compression progress to standard error:
       before  processing  each file, print a message stating the names of input and output files; during
       (de)compression, print a rough percentage of completeness and estimated time of arrival  (only  if
       standard  error  is  connected  to a terminal); after processing each file print a message showing
       compression ratio, space savings, total compression time (wall time) and  average  (de)compression
       speed (bytes of plain data processed per second).
-S     Print  condition  variable  statistics  to  standard  error  for  each  completed  (de)compression
       operation. Useful in profiling.
-s, --small, -q, --quiet, --repetitive-fast, --repetitive-best
       Accepted for compatibility with bzip2, otherwise ignored.
       Use  an  alternative  block-sorting  algorithm  --  bucket-pointer  refinement  (BPR).   See  also
       REPETITIVE DATA below.
-h, --help
       Print help on command-line usage on standard output and exit successfully.
-L, --license, -V, --version
       Print license and version information on standard output and exit successfully.