wget(1) -R "openssl-1.0.1f.*" -nH --cut-dirs=3 -rl2 ftp://mirrors1.kernel.org/slackware/slackware-14.1/patches/source/openssl/
The non-interactive network downloader
Recursive Accept/Reject Options
    -A acclist --accept acclist
    -R rejlist --reject rejlist
        Specify comma-separated lists of file name suffixes or patterns to accept or reject. Note that if any
        of the wildcard characters, *, ?, [ or ], appear in an element of acclist or rejlist, it will be
        treated as a pattern, rather than a suffix.
    Disable generation of host-prefixed directories.  By default, invoking Wget with -r
    http://fly.srk.fer.hr/ will create a structure of directories beginning with fly.srk.fer.hr/.  This
    option disables such behavior.
    Ignore number directory components.  This is useful for getting a fine-grained control over the
    directory where recursive retrieval will be saved.

    Take, for example, the directory at ftp://ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/.  If you retrieve it with -r, it
    will be saved locally under ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/.  While the -nH option can remove the
    ftp.xemacs.org/ part, you are still stuck with pub/xemacs.  This is where --cut-dirs comes in handy;
    it makes Wget not "see" number remote directory components.  Here are several examples of how
    --cut-dirs option works.

            No options        -> ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/
            -nH               -> pub/xemacs/
            -nH --cut-dirs=1  -> xemacs/
            -nH --cut-dirs=2  -> .

                   --cut-dirs=1      -> ftp.xemacs.org/xemacs/

           If you just want to get rid of the directory structure, this option is similar to a combination of
           -nd and -P.  However, unlike -nd, --cut-dirs does not lose with subdirectories---for instance, with
           -nH --cut-dirs=1, a beta/ subdirectory will be placed to xemacs/beta, as one would expect.
Recursive Retrieval Options
        Turn on recursive retrieving.    The default maximum depth is 5.
-l depth
    Specify recursion maximum depth level depth.
wget [option]... [URL]...
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