jless.1 -iFRX -x4
opposite of more
-i or --ignore-case
       Causes  searches  to ignore case; that is, uppercase and lowercase are considered identical.  This
       option is ignored if any uppercase letters appear in the search pattern;  in  other  words,  if  a
       pattern contains uppercase letters, then that search does not ignore case.
-F or --quit-if-one-screen
       Causes less to automatically exit if the entire file can be displayed on the first screen.
       Like -r, but tries to keep track of the screen appearance where possible.  This works only if  the
       input consists of normal text and possibly some ANSI "color" escape sequences, which are sequences
       of the form:

            ESC [ ... m

       where the "..." is zero or more characters other than "m".  For the purpose of  keeping  track  of
       screen  appearance,  all control characters and all ANSI color escape sequences are assumed to not
       move the cursor.  You can make less think that characters other than "m" can end ANSI color escape
       sequences by setting the environment variable LESSANSIENDCHARS to the list of characters which can
       end a color escape sequence.
-X or --no-init
       Disables sending the termcap initialization and deinitialization strings to the terminal.  This is
       sometimes desirable if the deinitialization string does something unnecessary, like  clearing  the
source manpages: jless