hashdeep(1) -c md5 -of -r -l Music Documents
Compute, compare, or audit multiple message digests
-c <alg1>[,<alg2>...]
       Computation mode. Compute hashes of FILES using the algorithms specified. Legal  values  are  md5,
       sha1, sha256, tiger, and whirlpool.
-o <bcpflsd>
       Enables  expert mode. Allows the user specify which (and only which) types of files are processed.
       Directory processing is still controlled with the -r flag. The expert mode options allowed are:
       f - Regular files
       b - Block Devices
       c - Character Devices
       p - Named Pipes
       l - Symbolic Links
       s - Sockets
       d - Solaris Doors
-r     Enables recursive mode. All subdirectories are traversed. Please note that recursive  mode  cannot
       be  used  to  examine  all files of a given file extension. For example, calling hashdeep -r *.txt
       will examine all files in directories that end in .txt.
-l     Enables relative file paths. Instead of printing the absolute path for  each  file,  displays  the
       relative file path as indicated on the command line. This flag may not be used in conjunction with
       the -b flag.
source manpages: hashdeep