git log(1) --all -M -C --numstat --date=short --pretty=format:'--%h--%ad--%an' --no-renames
Show commit logs
    Pretend as if all the refs in refs/ are listed on the command line as <commit>.
-M[<n>], --find-renames[=<n>]
    If generating diffs, detect and report renames for each commit. For following files across renames
    while traversing history, see --follow. If n is specified, it is a threshold on the similarity index
    (i.e. amount of addition/deletions compared to the file’s size). For example, -M90% means git should
    consider a delete/add pair to be a rename if more than 90% of the file hasn’t changed.
-C[<n>], --find-copies[=<n>]
    Detect copies as well as renames. See also --find-copies-harder. If n is specified, it has the same
    meaning as for -M<n>.
    Similar to --stat, but shows number of added and deleted lines in decimal notation and pathname
    without abbreviation, to make it more machine friendly. For binary files, outputs two - instead of
    saying 0 0.
           Only takes effect for dates shown in human-readable format, such as when using "--pretty".
           config variable sets a default value for log command’s --date option.

--date=relative shows dates relative to the current time, e.g. "2 hours ago".

--date=local shows timestamps in user’s local timezone.

--date=iso (or --date=iso8601) shows timestamps in ISO 8601 format.

--date=rfc (or --date=rfc2822) shows timestamps in RFC 2822 format, often found in E-mail messages.

--date=short shows only date but not time, in YYYY-MM-DD format.

--date=raw shows the date in the internal raw git format %s %z format.

--date=default shows timestamps in the original timezone (either committer’s or author’s).
Commit Formatting
    --pretty[=<format>], --format=<format>
        Pretty-print the contents of the commit logs in a given format, where <format> can be one of oneline,
        short, medium, full, fuller, email, raw and format:<string>. See the "PRETTY FORMATS" section for
        some additional details for each format. When omitted, the format defaults to medium.

        Note: you can specify the default pretty format in the repository configuration (see git-config(1)).
    Turn off rename detection, even when the configuration file gives the default to do so.
source manpages: git-log