exiftool(1p) -common /home/marcos/DCIM/347CANON/_MG_4757.JPG
Read and write meta information in files
-c FMT (-coordFormat)
     Set the print format for GPS coordinates.  FMT uses the same syntax as the "printf" format string.
     The specifiers correspond to degrees, minutes and seconds in that order, but minutes and seconds are
     optional.  For example, the following table gives the output for the same coordinate using various

                 FMT                  Output
         -------------------    ------------------
         "%d deg %d' %.2f"\"    54 deg 59' 22.80"  (default for reading)
         "%d %d %.8f"           54 59 22.80000000  (default for copying)
         "%d deg %.4f min"      54 deg 59.3800 min
         "%.6f degrees"         54.989667 degrees


     1) To avoid loss of precision, the default coordinate format is different when copying tags using
     the -tagsFromFile option.

     2) This print formatting may be disabled with the -n option to extract coordinates as signed decimal
source manpages: exiftool