bsdtar.1 -xzf nama-file.tar.gz -C /path/directory-tujuan
manipulate tape archives
-z, --gunzip, --gzip
        (c mode only) Compress the resulting archive with gzip(1).  In extract or list modes, this option
        is ignored.  Note that, unlike other tar implementations, this implementation recognizes gzip
        compression automatically when reading archives.
-f file, --file file
        Read the archive from or write the archive to the specified file.  The filename can be - for
        standard input or standard output.  The default varies by system; on FreeBSD, the default is
        /dev/sa0; on Linux, the default is /dev/st0.
-C directory, --cd directory, --directory directory
        In c and r mode, this changes the directory before adding the following files.  In x mode, change
        directories after opening the archive but before extracting entries from the archive.
source manpages: bsdtar