cd(1posix) - change the working directory
-L     Handle the operand dot-dot logically; symbolic link components shall not be resolved  before  dot-
       dot components are processed (see steps 8. and 9. in the DESCRIPTION).
-P     Handle  the  operand dot-dot physically; symbolic link components shall be resolved before dot-dot
       components are processed (see step 7. in the DESCRIPTION).
       An absolute or relative pathname of the directory that shall become the new working directory. The
       interpretation of a relative pathname by cd depends on the  -L  option  and  the  CDPATH  and  PWD
       environment variables. If directory is an empty string, the results are unspecified.

-      When a hyphen is used as the operand, this shall be equivalent to the command:

       cd "$OLDPWD" && pwd

which changes to the previous working directory and then writes its name.