xclip(1) - command line interface to X selections (clipboard)
-i, -in
       read text into X selection from standard input or files (default)
-o, -out
       prints the selection to standard out (generally for piping to a file or program)
-f, -filter
       when xclip is invoked in the in mode with output level set to silent (the  defaults),  the  filter
       option will cause xclip to print the text piped to standard in back to standard out unmodified
-l, -loops
       number  of  X  selection  requests (pastes into X applications) to wait for before exiting, with a
       value of 0 (default) causing xclip to wait for an  unlimited  number  of  requests  until  another
       application (possibly another invocation of xclip) takes ownership of the selection
-d, -display
       X  display  to use (e.g. "localhost:0"), xclip defaults to the value in $DISPLAY if this option is
-h, -help
       show quick summary of options
       specify which X selection to use, options are "primary" to use XA_PRIMARY  (default),  "secondary"
       for XA_SECONDARY or "clipboard" for XA_CLIPBOARD
       show version information
       forks into the background to wait for requests, no informational output, errors only (default)

-quiet show informational messages on the terminal and run in the foreground
       provide a running commentary of what xclip is doing