scontrol(1) - Used view and modify Slurm configuration and state
-a, --all
       When the show command is used, then display all partitions, their jobs and jobs steps. This causes
       information to be displayed about partitions that are configured as hidden and partitions that are
       unavailable to user's group.
-d, --details
       Causes the show command to provide additional details where available.
-h, --help
       Print a help message describing the usage of scontrol.
--hide Do not display information about hidden partitions, their jobs and job steps.  By default, neither
       partitions that are configured as hidden nor those partitions unavailable to user's group will  be
       displayed (i.e. this is the default behavior).
-M, --clusters=<string>
       The cluster to issue commands to. Only one cluster name may be specified.
-o, --oneliner
       Print information one line per record.
-Q, --quiet
       Print no warning or informational messages, only fatal error messages.
-v, --verbose
       Print  detailed  event  logging.  Multiple -v's will further increase the verbosity of logging. By
       default only errors will be displayed.
-V , --version
       Print version information and exit.