rm(1) - remove files or directories
Remove (unlink) the FILE(s).
-f, --force
       ignore nonexistent files, never prompt
-i     prompt before every removal
-I     prompt once before removing more than three files, or when removing recursively.   Less  intrusive
       than -i, while still giving protection against most mistakes
       prompt according to WHEN: never, once (-I), or always (-i).  Without WHEN, prompt always
       when  removing a hierarchy recursively, skip any directory that is on a file system different from
       that of the corresponding command line argument
       do not treat `/' specially
       do not remove `/' (default)
-r, -R, --recursive
       remove directories and their contents recursively
-v, --verbose
       explain what is being done
--help display this help and exit
       output version information and exit