mv(1) - move (rename) files
Rename SOURCE to DEST, or move SOURCE(s) to DIRECTORY.
       make a backup of each existing destination file
-b     like --backup but does not accept an argument
-f, --force
       do not prompt before overwriting
-i, --interactive
       prompt before overwrite
-n, --no-clobber
       do not overwrite an existing file
       remove any trailing slashes from each SOURCE argument
-S, --suffix=SUFFIX
       override the usual backup suffix
-t, --target-directory=DIRECTORY
       move all SOURCE arguments into DIRECTORY
-T, --no-target-directory
       treat DEST as a normal file
-u, --update
       move  only when the SOURCE file is newer than the destination file or when the destination file is
-v, --verbose
       explain what is being done
--help display this help and exit
       output version information and exit