gdb(1) - The GNU Debugger
-b bps   Set the line speed (baud rate or bits per second) of any serial interface used by GDB for remote
-batch Run in batch mode.  Exit with status 0 after processing all the command files specified with  `-x'
       (and  `.gdbinit', if not inhibited).  Exit with nonzero status if an error occurs in executing the
       GDB commands in the command files.

       Batch mode may be useful for running GDB as a filter, for example to download and run a program on
       another computer; in order to make this more useful, the message

       Program exited normally.

       (which is ordinarily issued whenever a program running under GDB control terminates) is not issued
       when running in batch mode.
-c FILE, -core=FILE
       Use file file as a core dump to examine.
        Run GDB using directory as its working directory, instead of the current directory.
       Add directory to the path to search for source files.
-e FILE, -exec=FILE
       Use file file as the executable file to execute when appropriate, and for examining pure  data  in
       conjunction with a core dump.
-f, -fullname
       Emacs  sets  this  option  when it runs GDB as a subprocess.  It tells GDB to output the full file
       name and line number in a standard, recognizable fashion each time  a  stack  frame  is  displayed
       (which  includes  each  time  the  program  stops).  This recognizable format looks like two ` 32'
       characters, followed by the file name, line number and character position separated by colons, and
       a  newline.   The  Emacs-to-GDB  interface  program  uses  the two ` 32' characters as a signal to
       display the source code for the frame.
-h, -help
       List all options, with brief explanations.
-n, -nx
       Do not execute commands from any `.gdbinit' initialization files.  Normally, the commands in these
       files are executed after all the command options and arguments have been processed.
-s FILE, -symbols=FILE
       Read symbol table from file file.
       Read symbol table from file file and use it as the executable file.

q, -quiet
       ``Quiet''.   Do  not  print  the  introductory  and  copyright  messages.  These messages are also
       suppressed in batch mode.
        Run using device for your program's standard input and output.
--args Pass arguments after the program name to the program when it is run.
-tui   Run GDB using a text (console) user interface.

-write Enable writing into executable and core files.
-x FILE, -command=FILE
       Execute GDB commands from file file.